from Jodie Lee.

After I had my seizure September 2019 I didn’t understand what the after effects I was experiencing was, I now know it was PTSD and the feeling of not being able to move past the emotions of fear was beginning to really takes its toll on my health. I had seen psychologist but I just wasn’t improving going over the pain of the seizure wasn’t helping. I was giving up hope of feeling back to myself again, that’s when I reached out to Elma. I felt a warmth and caring from Elma right away I felt I was safe and protected to really delve into what was really going on.

Elmas holistic approach to counselling and her knowledge to help me implement new strategies that were not based on going over the same seizure story was incredibly impactful. Driving for me after the seizure and getting the all clear still played havoc on my mind, after my sessions with Elma the new way my mind processed feeling fearful of driving was replaced with a new confidence and I’ve been great ever since.Elma is passionate about people’s health, she’s dynamic in finding what you need in overcoming any adversity.I am so grateful to Elma and so glad I reached out for help. x

from Jane.

"Elma as a counsellor, She has helped me work through and clear negative patterns of thinking that had been holding me back for a long time, the feeling of relief and freedom that I felt both mentally and physically from this was amazing. The advise, tools and tips that I learnt during these sessions continue to help me through the lows and highs of life with more ease and way less anxiety."

Elma, I will continue to seek your help and support when needed and look forward to the growth that comes with it.

Thank you, Jane 😊

from Aaron.

"Elma is an extremely intuitive counsellor. I have always been a little unsure of counselling. The second I spoke with Elma I felt relaxed, comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. Using a very nurturing and caring process, Elma has helped me to discover many life skills that I will continue to use everyday. I highly recommend Elma, and am forever grateful."

from Sandy.

“Thank you Elma, I really appreciated your gentle grounded approach, you made me feel completely at ease and comfortable, especially dealing with painful and sensitive issues. You helped shine a light and show me a whole new perspective on dealing with relationships and myself. I was left feeling grateful for the experience and a whole new sense of love for myself and everyone else around me…”

from Linda.

“Elma ‘walks the talk’, she has a commitment to truth, and her connection to Spirit is unwavering. She is dedicated, conscientious and compassionate, her capacity for strength and clear seeing, make her an asset to her profession!”